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You’re hungry, passionate and killing yourself to reach your athletic goals. We know how you feel; we’ve been there. You aren’t getting the results you want. You’ve tried other programs that make big promises. But you’re just not getting stronger!

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can achieve MAXIMAL RESULTS WITH MINIMAL EQUIPMENT!

Dear Friend in Strength,

If you want to be stronger than you ever thought possible while staying healthy and following a results-based program to reach your athletic goals, then this is the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why…

As coaches, authors and consultants we’ve helped thousands of athletes and lifters reach their goals. The Supreme Strength System is based on our personal experiences in the trenches with athletes and lifters of all ages and ability levels. Across the board, our clients have experienced dramatic results, and we want to share them with you. No fluff, fillers or BS, just results.

Check out these Real-Life Success Stories


“Since working with Todd and following the Supreme Strength program I have seen significant gains in my strength, conditioning, and athleticism. I worked with Todd using the system to train for my last fight, which I won by unanimous decision! Supreme Strength has taken me to the top of my game. I wouldn’t count on any other program to prepare me for combat!”

Trey Rogers
Mixed Martial Artist
Mount Union, PA

“I was recently a semi-finalist on Spike TV’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 and currently a bantamweight fighter for the UFC. Being a successful professional athlete requires me to be in top physical condition, which I thought I was, until I started training with Chris Merritt and Todd Bumgardner from Beyond Strength Performance. I recently completed a 14 week program designed by Todd Bumgardner and John Gaglione, called Supreme Strength. My experience with this program was phenomenal! Despite a torn rotator cuff and small nagging injuries I attained prior to starting this program, I still managed to increase levels of strength with my bench press and deadlift. Not only did I gain strength, endurance, and explosiveness, but also the realization that my past strength and conditioning training was sporadic and insignificant. I understand now that in order to get results, whether you are an athlete or average Joe, there needs to be a plan, a purpose, and a goal; which is what Supreme Strength provided for me. Thanks Todd and John!”

Dustin “The Disciple” Pague

Dulles, VA

How do you know the Supreme Strength System is for you?
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do YOU want to become the strongest version of YOURSELF?
  • Are YOU an athlete looking to dominate your competition?
  • Are YOU embarrassed about being out muscled in your sport?
  • Are YOU not quite strong enough to hang with the competition and reach YOUR goals on the field?
  • Are YOU tired of spending countless HOURS in the gym getting NO results?
  • Are YOU frustrated using the same weights day in and day out and never hitting that new record?
  • Are YOU fed up with being the hardest worker YOU know and still not reaching YOUR potential and the level YOU deserve?

Supreme Strength is a four phase system designed to produce mammoth strength gains while reducing muscular imbalances and building athleticism. No complicated equipment, just a simple, effective four phase system using barbells, dumbbells and your own body weight.

Our system is based on short, intense workouts designed to prime your nervous system and put your body back into balance. You build immense strength, muscle and power while making your body healthier!

Here’s the 14 Week Phase Breakdown:
  • Movement Prep: The first two weeks of Supreme Strength are devoted to cleaning up your movement and preparing your body to handle the stress of training and competition. You’ll move and feel better than you have in years.
  • Phase 1: Build base strength and improve movement on the big lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press). Learn the skills and progressions to be successful with the big lifts for the rest of your life, and gain serious muscle in the process.
  • Phase 2: Introduction of the Westside Conjugate Method (WCM). Max effort days are geared toward building starting strength and dynamic effort training designed to make you a powerhouse.
  • Phase 3: Peak like you’ve never peaked before. This phase is designed to crush your previous PRs and prepare you to enter your athletic season poised to dominate!

This is the same system that’s trained professional athletes, D-1 athletes and strength athletes to get stronger and move better than ever before.

“I had stopped training for about 7 months and started on the program fresh. Within the first month I was hitting the numbers I used to do when I was at my best. I put 10 pounds of muscle, and my squat, bench and deadlift, shot up! After going through the program initially I did my first powerlifting meet. I hit a 425 Squat, 255 Bench, and an easy 500 deadlift weighing around 190. Now I am squatting in the mid 4s, benching close to 300 pounds, and my deadlift is rapidly approaching 600 pounds and I am leaner than ever!”

Anthony Minicci

NYS APF Junior Powerlifting Champion and Wrestling County Finalist

Long Island, NY

“The workouts I was doing before just didn’t cut it. I was able to win a lot of matches, but always had a hard time with the stronger kids. The workouts were very beneficial and made me strong enough to reach my goals!”

Dan Spurgeon

NY State Champion 50-0 Long Island Record in Wins for Undefeated Season

Long Island, NY

“I used to get bullied around in a lot of my matches and frequently got injured. After I started coming here I started being the aggressor and WAS the STRONGEST guy in every single one of my matches. Strength was never an issue and best of all I never got hurt. With my new strength I was able to achieve my goal of becoming an All County wrestler my senior year.”

Dan Coder

All County Wrestler

Long Island, NY

“I was lifting for 3 years straight really wasting my time and my energy. I couldn’t even hit depth on my squats and I would hurt my back every time I pulled. After going through the program I competed at my first meet and I squatted 355, benched 280 and deadlift 415 at 16 years old. After this next cycle I will be looking for even more! You are going to have great time training and have a lot of fun!”

Johnny Labriola

APF NYS Teenage Powerlifting Champion at 165

Long Island, NY

“I have participated in many weight training programs over the years; from those designed to build strength, power, and explosion for football to the self-designed vanity programs that are a futile attempt to look good without a shirt. While each program had its positives, they were far outweighed by the negatives; never leading to the ultimate goal – achieving my full physical potential. In simple terms, I was a giant hamster wheel leading me nowhere until Todd Bumgardner introduced me to Supreme Strength. This program is highlighted by short, simple, flexible workouts. I have been using Supreme Strength for about 10 months now and have seen better results than the last fifteen years combined. I have no doubt that the 33 year old the Tom Miltenberger of today is not only much stronger, but more powerful and explosive now than my 16, 18 and 20 something counterparts. What is the secret to this? Hard work, focus, determination and most importantly a program, created by Todd and John Gaglione, that is fun, challenging and forces the very best out of you mentally and physically. I would challenge anyone to create a program that meets the high quality standard of Supreme Strength.”

Tom Miltenberger

Teacher, Preparing for his first powerlifting competition

Bellefonte, PA

Overhead Press from 205 to 220

Deadlift from 405 to 465

Pillar Chin-ups from 2 to 9

“Todd asked me if I would like to try his new Supreme Strength program. Seeing as I’ve never been lead down the wrong path by Todd, I quickly said yes. Once again, I was not let down by this truly unique program. I continually got stronger each day and noticed my weight gradually increasing, and not bad weight either. My squat jumped 35 lbs, bench(which is my weak point) jumped 20 lbs and I not only hit record weights on my deadlift, but improved my form quite a bit. Also, I put on roughly 7lbs of solid mass, which is usually a challenge for me. In conclusion, I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about stronger. It’s not easy by any means, but the end result makes all the hard work worth it. I’d like to thank Todd and Gags for letting me test out this awesome program and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Matt Georgiana

Former College Football Player

Altoona, PA

Why Are We Sharing Our Proprietary System?

There are too many complicated training systems based on using specialized equipment—too much hassle with too few results. We know that you’re tired of them—so are we. It’s time to get the strength you need.

Strength, athleticism and aesthetically pleasing bodies are built with the basics—barbells, dumbbells and body weight training. Not with gimmicky machines and hard to follow guidelines.

We can’t keep this to ourselves any longer. After watching the Supreme Strength System dramatically improve the strength and athletic performance of our clients, we knew we had to share it with others. Your success is too important.

Get the STRENGTH YOU Deserve

We’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Not only will we design a complete, four-phase training system for you, but you can rely on our detailed video library to guarantee you are performing all of the movements with 100% accuracy.

You’ll also have access to our printable workouts—the exact ones we use with our clients. These will serve as your day to day Supreme Strength success guides.

We are giving you the system blue print that has got results for high level UFC athletes, Division 1 wrestlers and strength athletes that have all reached their strength, performance and physique goals.

Supreme Strength is the closest thing to working with us in person WITHOUT having to drive to Long Island or Pennsylvania.

Fitness Expert Testimonials

When Todd Bumgardner and John Gaglione asked me to be a guinea pig for their new program, Supreme Strength; I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t the ideal person for the job. When they sent me the program, however, I was hustling multiple coaching jobs along with getting set to open my own facility. Time was not on my side.

The setbacks:

A.) I was between gyms, far from settled on a place to work out consistently.
B.) I travelled to Florida for Thanksgiving, forcing me to take an unexpected week off, immediately followed by flying to Vegas for the Ultimate Fighter Season 14 finale for another week off (I used a crappy hotel gym at the Palms to get some maintenance work in).
C.) When my facility opened in November it was far from complete, making some of the components of the program difficult to adhere to.
D.) I had to cut down to 149lbs (from 160) for a grappling tournament in the middle of the program.
The solutions/outcomes:
A.) The gyms ranged from commercial gyms to an incomplete strength and conditioning facility early on. Regardless, the program is rather basic up front and I made considerable gains on a consistent basis.
B.) Even with a full week off here and there and a week of maintenance in Vegas, I cranked the whole program, never skipping a segment altogether, but rather extending the program to meet every workout.
C.) I had to modify a good bit of the program. But chances are, something will be a hiccup in the road for you too. Nevertheless, press on and Supreme Strength works.
D.) My strength AND conditioning was great and I was able to immediately put the weight back on without any setbacks in strength.

The results:

- Added over 40lbs to my deadlift
- Added over 40lbs to my bench
- Added over 50lbs to my squat
- It might sound funny, but my core stability was ridiculous after the program!
- More than just getting stronger, my athleticism excelled too. To me, this was the most important factor.
- Increased my bodyweight from 158 to 173 while maintaining single digit BF %

If you’re looking for a great program, especially as an athlete, get on board with Supreme Strength. Looking back at my results, I can only wonder what the outcomes would have been if I started the program at a more ‘ideal’ time. Regardless, I can give my word 100% that Supreme Strength works.”

Chris Merritt

Co-owner of Beyond Strength Performance and Disciple MMA Academy

Fairfax, VA

“Supreme Strength is a program that’s so comprehensive it’s almost scary. This incorporates not only typical barbell lifts, but strongman-style training that you can’t find in typical programs out there. If your goal is to move huge weight, this is what the doctor ordered”

Lee Boyce,

Fitness author, TV Fitness expert, Strength Coach

Toronto, Ontario

What Do You Get With The Supreme Strength System?

This Manual is the foundation for the Supreme Strength System. You’ll learn the science and philosophy behind the program, how to effectively manage the program and keys to success. It’s your extensive and detailed reference

(Total Value $129.95)

We show you the proper form, movement and coaching cues for all of the movements in the program. We also describe how to modify exercises to work around injuries. It is the next best thing to a live coaching session!

(Total Value $199.95)

These are the exact one we use at our facilities, track your progress and take the workouts with you to the gym.

Included are both 3x/week and 4x/week strength training options. Plan your training using the schedule that works for you.

(Total Value $49.95)

Most programs leave you hanging—Supreme Strength doesn’t. Learn how to effectively complete and track success on the four simple Supreme Strength tests.

(Total Value $29.95)

You’ll also get these awesome bonuses!

A comprehensive guide to mobility training that includes four ready-to-use mobility programs.

(Total value $49.95)

Comprehensive body weight power training manual that prepares you to bridge the gap between the weight-room and competition.

(Total Value $49.95)

Innovative guide to self-myofascial release, recovery and bodily maintenance.

(Total Value: $17.95)


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our goal is your success. That’s why we have put together every possible resource to guide you to your fitness and athletic goals.Total Value of the Supreme Strength System = $567.60With the Supreme Strength System you’ll be utilizing the right training methods the right way with ZERO guess work—all for less than one personal session with either of us.

There you have it. No risk and lots of reward.

When you see the introductory price we’re about to reveal, you’ll think we are crazy. The Supreme Strength System is an insane bargain that you can’t miss on!

  • Dramatically boost your strength
  • Spend less time at the gym
  • Build crazy amounts of muscle without body part splits
  • Become more athletic than you ever thought possible
  • Boost your confidence
  • Reduce your injury risk
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“The two best things I can say about Todd and Gags are as follows:

1) They are passionate.
2) I would not hesitate to send a family member to train with them.

I know both gentleman personally and I know the amount of work that went into putting together the Supreme Strength Seminar. As a fellow ‘up and coming’ fitness/rehab professional, it is a pleasure of mine to align myself with Todd and Gags. The program speaks for itself. It is well thought out, researched, and tested.

Whether you train clients, rehab them, or are simply looking for results yourself, Supreme Strength is the program for you. Simply put, you owe it to yourself to check it out! You will thank me later.”

Justin Rabinowitz

Chiropractic Intern, Former Collegiate Baseball Player

Martinsville, NJ

“ I never really squatted or deadlifted before going on the program–only body building style routines because that was all I knew! I made major improvements to mobility while improving my squat and deadlift to over 400 pounds before going back to training camp for football. I had some of the best strength on my team as a wide receiver! This program drastically improved my performance on the field will change your life!”

Mike Vannucci

Wide Receiver for William Patterson University, Iron Pioneer Award Winner

Long Island, NY

“I started my first cycle of the program in the summer after my senior year of high school after having heard of the significant gains athletes had made on the playing field as a result of the program. Now having trained with on the program for an extended period of time I can say that I am beyond grateful! I have made significant physical gains ranging from improved strength and flexibility to increased explosiveness, all of which have transcended to my ability on the field. Before I started the program I never really did any serious barbell training before and could only do two chin ups. After the program I was able to perform 10 chin ups in one set, squat 135 for reps and deadlift over 200 pounds! I highly recommend this program to any serious athlete.”

Michele D.

All Long Island & College Softball Player

“I was deadlifting 500 pounds before the program and just hit 565 for a pretty easy single. Never benched more than 275 before and I am right around 305 right now. Not to mention I added over 30 pounds on my squat and my overhead press as well. What is cool about this system is you can get your workouts done in about an hour and make huge progress in a short amount of time. You would be crazy not to BUY IT!”

Eric Prush

Exercise Science Major at Queens College

“My squat has shot up to the mid-600 range, I am benching over 400 pounds, and deadlifting right around 700 pounds. What is going on here is the REAL DEAL! This program is made so it works for EVERYONE. If you want to be the best you got to get on this program!”

Dom Minicci Raw

Powerlifter and All American Baseball Player

Long Island, NY

“As a competitive strength athlete; I’ve read every book that has come along on strength and performance. I’ve tried every layout and new system, but there always seemed to be something lacking from them. After repeated injuries and hundreds of hours wasted, I contacted Todd Bumgardner for help with my mobility, flexibilty and athletic performance. Todd introduced me to his Supreme Mobility program, and quite honestly changed my life. I was (and still am) shocked that with such easy changes in my training I could increase my lifts, and remain recovered and injury-free. This program was exactly what I was looking for. No longer was doing programs geared toward 80 year-old grandmas… Now I had a program that I trusted; it was fun yet challenging and most importantly – effective. Try the program, trust me… the search ends here”

Casey Bard

Vice President, USP Labs, Competitive Strength Athlete

Rochester, NY

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